We are

a social non-profit created to help people out of poverty and social exclusion, registered in 2005 as Narodna Dopomoha KIEV.

We offer support and hope for the future.

Our Mission

is to empower people with  personal solutions that enable them to rebuild their lives; to find their own ways out of poverty, homelessness and social exclusion  through their professional activation, applying the principle of self-help and by giving them a voice in the society & the media.

The Need

Absence of employment is a trigger factor for social exclusion. Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, keeps the highest levels of social exclusion, as a result of big migration flows, weakened social networks, and high housing costs.

Nearly 100 people a week turn to us for help at a time of utter personal crisis. We work with some of the most disadvantaged and excluded individuals; people who have lost jobs, homes,  families and their sense of dignity.

The Opportunity

We work to connect  people in crisis with the following opportunities enabling them to help themselves:

1. For your basic survival in the streets: we visit places and provide meals, clean clothes & hygiene items.

2. Jobs / Occupational skills as the street paper vendors: an opportunity to earn the living by selling the street paper instead of begging or criminal activity. Our motto is “A hand up not a hand out!”  Our street paper is a member of the International Network of Street Papers and shares common values and principles with this movement.

3. Your meaningful employment: an opportunity for women and young people (those with lesser chance on a labour market) to improve their professiobal skills and get employed at our Creative Workshop and related projects.


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